Autumn Night Routine

Hello! Hope you’re ok! Today’s blog post is my autumn night routine! I haven’t done a routine blog post in a while so I thought this would be a great blog post to do! I follow this routine most nights and it definitely relaxes me before I go to sleep. I hope you enjoy this post and comment your night routine!

Word Searches & Watch TV

Recently I’ve been obsessed with doing word searches at night because they are fun to do and they help your brain. I usually do a few word searches a night while watching TV. Usually, I watch a TV show on Netflix unless there is something good on TV.

Do My Skincare Routine

I do my skincare every night because it is so important to look after your skin and it really helps to keep you skin cleaner. Let me know if you want to see an updated skincare routine because I’ve been using different products to the ones that I used to use.

Go In Shower

I wash my hair and body in the shower to keep them hydrated and clean. I also use a conditioner so that my ends stay healthy and hydrated.

Do A Face Mask

I’ve started doing face masks more often because face masks improve my skin so much. Usually while I have my face mask on, I tidy my room a bit or look through my phone. The face mask that I use the most is the L’Oreal Paris Detox Clay Mask!


Every day, I use an app on my phone called 1SE to upload a photo from my day and to write about what I did. I love doing this because it reminds me of what I did in the day and in the future, I can look back on it and find out about that day. I would definitely recommend doing this!

Listen To Music

Just before I go to sleep, I listen to a bit of music because it helps me fall asleep easier. I listen to relaxing songs (most of the time) so I’m relaxed and ready to sleep.

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12 thoughts on “Autumn Night Routine

  1. I’ve loved your night routine. However I want to give you two suggestions which you can chose whether to follow or not.

    1. I’m a big fan of Journaling in the night and I do it on physical notebook. If possible apart from using an application give this a try.

    2. For a better night’s sleep try avoiding looking at digital screens atleast an hour before sleep.

    Thank you for reading
    Lahari xoxo

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  2. I don’t really do face masks often usually, when I want to treat myself. I should try that one, sounds like it does wonders. Usually anytime I do my skincare routine, I just the feel of its softness, nothing can beat that soft feel you get. Really enjoyed the post

    Liked by 1 person

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