Things To Do This Autumn

Hello! Hope everyone is ok! Today’s blog post is about things to do this autumn! This autumn is very different from previous years but there is still so much to do to enjoy this season. I hope you get some inspiration on some things you can do and comment what you love to do in autumn!

Go On Walks

I love going on walks because you can exercise while looking at your local scenery. It’s a great chance to get some fresh air from your home. You can go with family/friends and have a chat or just on your own.

Do Some Autumn Photography

Autumn is an amazing time to take photos especially right at the start! You can explore somewhere or you could even take photos in your garden if you wanted! You don’t need a fancy camera if you don’t want to buy one, you just need your phone to take amazing autumn photos. Check out my instagram ( ) for autumn photography ideas!

Try A New Drink From A Café That You Like

This is definitely something I want to do. I always order the same thing at cafes but next time I want to try something new and different. There are loads of amazing new drinks that usually come out around autumn time so why not try them!

Get Some Cosy Clothes

Wearing cosy clothes in the autumn is the best so why not treat yourself to some new clothes! If you need any autumn fashion inspiration, check out my Fashion Wishlist – Autumn Edition to see what my favorite autumn clothing pieces. You could either go on a shopping trip or just do some online shopping.

Have A Big Tidy Of Your House

A new season is a great time to tidy your house and transform it for the new season. It’s also a good idea to start tidying your house now so it’s less messy for the holidays. For tips on room transformations and inspiration, check out my 5 Ways To Transform Your Bedroom blog post.

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25 thoughts on “Things To Do This Autumn

  1. Wait… we have to clean our homes in the autumn too? (I’m just kidding – we like to declutter before all the birthdays and Christmas roll around again!)

    I love crisp autumnal walks holding warm drinks wearing cosy clothes. Really is my favourite time of the year! 🙂 Hope you enjoy your spontaneous hot drink pick!

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