Fashion Wishlist – Autumn Edition

Hello! Hope everyone’s okay! Today’s blog post is a follow up from one of my most popular blog posts on my blog. It’s my fashion wishlist autumn edition! I love my first fashion wishlist blog post so I thought I would do one for the new season. I love autumn fashion because it is so stylish! These fashion items are really nice and I would really like them. I hope you enjoy this and comment which of these items is your favorite!

(Disclaimer – None of these links are affiliate links. I have included the links so you can view the images of these fashion items!)

Heeled Boots – Black

I love black boots especially heeled because they look amazing and they go with most outfits. They are the perfect autumn footwear! With these boots, I love how the zip blends in with the rest of the shoe and the look of the material. Also these boots aren’t too expensive which is good.

Cardigan – Grey

I love cardigans because they are perfect for both everyday wear and going out! I can definitely see myself buying this soon because it is affordable and looks nice! I also love the style of it as it is a rib-knit cardigan which makes it unique.

Jack Wills Hoodie – Pink Marl

Hoodies are a staple for autumn because of the cold weather. I love wearing hoodies because they are so comfy and warm. As soon as I saw this hoodie, I loved it! The colour is so pretty and I don’t really own a hoodie in that colour.

Trenchcoat – Beige

Trenchcoats are very in fashion at the moment and I love them! I’ve wanted a trenchcoat for ages because they’re so nice and they look good with basically everything! I don’t own many beige clothing but I like the colour of this one because it would make an outfit look really good!

Black Straight Jeans

Jeans are perfect for the autumn! I love wearing jeans when I’m going out because they are really nice! I like these jeans because I don’t own any black straight jeans, only ripped skinny jeans so I would love to experiment with a new style of jeans to see how it would look!

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