Things You Can Do On Your Phone For Personal Growth

Hello! Hope everyone’s okay! Today’s blog post is about things you can do on your phone for personal growth. These are things that don’t take that long but they can help your personal growth a lot. I try to do a few of these things everyday and I really enjoy them. Comment which of these things you do or you want to start doing.

What is personal growth?

Personal growth can mean many things such as self-improvement of skills, knowledge and goals. It involves improvement of habits and actions.

Learn A Language

Learning a language is such a useful skill to have because it improves your memory and builds on your skills. If you’ve read my A Day In The Life Of A Blogger blog post, you’ll know that I am currently learning Spanish on Duolingo which is great for practicing on your phone. Doing this everyday means you are more likely to remember the vocab and you improve quicker.

Learn A New Skill

This is quite similar to my last point but this is more personal to you. You could find something that you are interested about and learn more about it by doing a course on it. There so many new skills that you can learn for personal growth and I definitely want to start doing this because these skills could be important for your future!

Read Blogs

There are so many blogs on the internet that can give you tips on how to do stuff in your life. I would definitely recommend reading blogs (you could also read mine too) because they are so helpful. You could even start your own blog if you wanted to because I’ve learnt so much from starting my blog.

Start Journaling

Journaling is very popular at the moment so why not try doing journaling on your phone! There are plenty of great app that you can use that can give you some inspiration for journaling. I use the app 1SE which is basically where you take a photo every day for a year. There’s a notes section underneath each photo where you can write about your day to look back on!

Make A To Do List

This is a great thing that you can do to keep organised and plan out your day. You could either do this on the notes section of your phone or there are lots of apps that you can get for it. I make to do lists quite often on my phone because it helps me get more done in the day!

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