5 Things You Need In Your Shopping Bag For A Shopping Trip

Hello! I hope everyone is ok! Today’s blog post is about 5 things you need in your shopping bag for a shopping trip! I love going shopping especially with friends or family to buy new stuff and look around shops. In this blog post, I will be telling you about the things that I keep in my handbag all the time for shopping! Comment what you take in your shopping bag!

Tote Bag

I always bring a tote bag in my shopping handbag or reuse old bags so that if I end up buying a lot, I don’t have to buy any plastic bags. This is so much better for the environment!


I obviously bring my purse with me so I can buy stuff in the shops and it carries all of the cards you need. I would recommend getting quite a big purse so that everything can fit in it!

Earphones & Phone

I bring my phone and earphones with me to keep entertained on the journey to town. I also use my phone as a shopping list and to check on certain items that I want.

Cosmetics Bag

I put a small cosmetics bag in my handbag with lipsticks, concealer, setting spray and powder in case I need to touch up my makeup when I am out. I also bring tissues and hand sanitizer to stay safe.

Face Mask

Since face masks are compulsory in shops in the UK, I always make sure to bring my face mask with me!

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28 thoughts on “5 Things You Need In Your Shopping Bag For A Shopping Trip

  1. The makeup bag, which I don’t normally carry, could also come in very handy for retouching after trying on clothes. Hmmm, I wonder if you can still do that. Haven’t done in-store clothes shopping since the pandemic…
    Anyway, using your phone as a shopping list is also a good tip I need to apply more!

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  2. As I tend to mostly use my debit card (and sometimes credit cards) for shopping, I like to have a few singles with me when I’m out at a Mall or whatever. If I’m thirsty for coffee or a cold drink, I would rather pay in small bills than take out a debit card for $2.00. Though cashiers don’t seem to mind – I’ve run into some that have said when people didn’t have enough cash, they’d put the remainder on their card – for like twelve cents!

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