Testing Beauty Products

Hello! I hope everyone is okay! Today’s blog post is testing beauty products! I have purchased these products recently and I wanted to review them to see if they are worth buying or not. There’s 3 beauty products that I will be reviewing and they are all very different. There’s a mix of skincare, makeup and haircare so I hope this is helpful! Comment which of these products would you buy!

Boots Glow Radiance Tonic

If you’ve read my Shopping Haul blog post, you’ll know that I brought this and I said that I would let you know what it is like. I have been using it for over a week now and I really like it! It smells amazing and I definitely think it is making a difference to my skin. My skin isn’t clear now but I think it has reduced redness and brightened my skin a bit. The only downside to this is it will probably run out soon because it is in quite a small bottle but I’ll definitely be repurchasing this!

Pantene Repair & Protect Hair Mask

I got this from amazon a few weeks back because I’ve never tried a hair mask before. So after I washed my hair in the shower, I used this on my hair. The one negative about this product is I was a bit unsure on how long to leave this in my hair but it did say it fights damage in only 2 minutes so I left it in for 5 minutes. The next day, my hair was a lot softer and I think it’s because of this as I used my normal shampoo and conditioner in the shower. Overall, I think that this is a good product and I will continue to use it!

Makeup Obsession Nude Is The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

I bought this palette recently when I went shopping and I love it. I couldn’t actually see the shades when I was in Boots because there wasn’t any testers but I knew that I wanted a new nudes palette and this one looked good. The shades are so nice and there are some pink/purple shades and some brown shades so you can create a few different looks using this palette. Also the shade names are very nice! It is very pigmented which is great! I am looking forward to wearing this for an occasion!

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22 thoughts on “Testing Beauty Products

  1. I really like the Nude Eyeshadow Palette, and after researching the cost – I like it even more! Will be giving it a try – thanks!

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  2. Loving the colors in the palette and the radiance tonic sounds like something I could use for my skin! I have never heard of a hair tonic before, but my hair could always use some extra love so I will be looking into it. Thanks so much for sharing!

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