Easy Ways That You Can Be More Eco-Friendly

Hello! I hope everyone is okay! Today’s blog post is all about easy ways that you can be more eco-friendly. These ways are cheap and small but they will have a big impact on our planet. I am taking these small steps towards being more eco-friendly and I hope you will too! Comment some ways that you are more eco-friendly!

Using Reusable Cotton Pads or Bamboo Q-Tips

This is a change that I have made recently. Once I had ran out of my regular cotton pads, I brought some reusable ones from amazon. They are way better than regular cotton pads. The ones I brought are multi coloured which is cool. They come with a wash bag and a headband for only around £5.

Buying Bamboo Hairbrushes

If you’ve read my Shopping Haul blog post, you’ll know that I brought a bamboo hairbrush in order to be more eco friendly. I usually go through a hairbrush in 4-5 months so getting this one rather than a plastic one will definitely make a difference.

Reusing Bags

This is one that I always try to do when I go shopping so I don’t have to buy any plastic bags. I use tote bags, handbags or reuse plastic bags from other times.

Using A Water Bottle

I try to do this when I’m going out for the day. I bring a water bottle filled with me so that I don’t need to buy drinks very often and I use less plastic bottles.

Recycle Packaging

This is a really easy thing to do that is very helpful for our planet. Make sure to check what you can recycle on the packaging. Try to do it at home and on the go if possible.

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84 thoughts on “Easy Ways That You Can Be More Eco-Friendly

  1. A bamboo hairbrush is a great idea! I hear a lot of talk about the bamboo toothbrush, but not a hairbrush. I’ll have to look into that!

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  2. I love the idea of the cotton pads, I never thought of it. Being more eco-friendly is always a priority for me. Thank you for sharing!
    Darina from daramiblog

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    1. Reusable cotton pads are amazing. I love using them so much more than cotton wool pads that fall apart when your using them. I then just shove the in the washing machine with my flannels etc and my cloth menstrual pads and wipes in a little net bag or something similar. So much nicer for removing makeup. Bamboo q tips and toothbrushes are also amazing – i love how hard people are trying to be more environmentally friendly. Amazing post!!!!!

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  3. I am trying to be more eco-friendly, but I am coming up short lately! I bought reusable bags for the grocery store, but have abandoned them during the pandemic. I’ve also bought metal straws and reusable produce bags. But I am overusing cotton swabs and various bathroom items as well as paper towels. I will try to incorporate some of the items mentioned here, thanks!

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  4. These are some great tips. I bought some reusable cotton pads a little while ago and I’m dying to start using them but I know I need to use up what I already have otherwise I’ll be being wasteful.

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  5. I’m trying to become more eco friendly myself, which can be a challenge in a small town where no one else seems concerned about it. Thank you for the easy ideas!

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  6. These are definitely great ways to be eco-friendly! Using a water bottle was my first step towards using less plastic and being eco friendly, in turn.

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  7. Hi!
    This is a good post on going green!
    It is really weird that people use things for one and only one purpose. Many times people forget that a single thing can be multipurpose!
    Something similar to what I do. I do not have a study desk. But I do have an ironing table which I use to study, coz I definitely do not iron when I study!

    This saves our pockets and unnecessary use of raw materials! If possible you could check out the concept of “Jugaad” from India!

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  8. Absolutely obsessed with the idea of resuable cotton pads – how had I never thought of that before. This year in particular I’ve taken more active steps to be more eco-friendly in the products I buy, my consumer habits and just recycling and purchasing more sustainable products in general. I think we all MUST do our bit.
    Lovely post – thank you!

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