What To Wear To The Beach

Hello! I hope everyone is ok! Today’s blog post is what to wear for the beach! I haven’t done a fashion blog post in a while which I’ve missed! In this blog post, I will be suggesting a range of outfits for different types of day, activities and weather. I love going to the beach because it is relaxing but it can also be fun. Comment what your favorite beach outfit is!

Bikini & Swim Cover Up

This is great for if you want to go in the sea. There are so many bikinis to choose from and they look really nice! Swim cover ups are very useful for if you are cold and wet from the water or just as a fashion piece.

Vest Top & Shorts

Vest top and shorts are an amazing combination for a hot day just chilling on the beach. They are easy to wear, look good and you don’t get too hot in them. You could either go for basic colours (white and black) or you could go for bolder colours (red, yellow, pink).

Summer Dress

This is the perfect evening at the beach outfit for watching the sunset before going to a restaurant! I love summer dresses because they look very pretty and there are so many different colours/styles that you can choose from. You could pair this with a cardigan or jacket if it’s a bit cold.

T-Shirt & Leggings

This outfit is for if it is cold on the beach or you don’t like showing your legs. This outfit looks nice and keeps you warm/makes you feel more comfortable. You could also wear a hoodie with this if you wanted to.


You could wear some flip flops or sandals to the beach if it is warm and you don’t want to get sand/rocks in your other shoes. If it is a cold day, you could just wear some trainers or pumps but make sure not to wear your best shoes because sand will probably get in them.

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66 thoughts on “What To Wear To The Beach

  1. I absolutely love beach days and can’t wait for our beaches to be open again. A cute top and shorts you can never go wrong with.
    Love the photo you used xx

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  2. Reading this post is making me want to go to the beach. I love wearing a swimsuit and a summer dress, I have a beautiful summer dress which is red and has small white polka dots on it. I love it but haven’t had the chance to wear it to the beach so far this year.

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  3. We prefer to visit the beach when it’s colder so our typical beach outfit is jeans, warm layers and puffy coats haha. It gets a bit too busy on our beaches here during the warmer months so we avoid them as much as we can. I love how many combos you’ve come up with for beachwear and completely agree re: shoes. So much sand.

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  4. That was really thoughtful of you to give ideas of what to wear even for those who don’t like showing off too much of their body. I used to hate showing my legs which meant it was always a struggle for me to find outfits that were appropriate for the beach!

    Roni | myelevatedexistence.com

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  5. Lovely post. I don’t go to the beach much but if it was a beach in the U.K. it would probably be vest and short but on holiday it’s definitely a bikini.

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  6. I haven’t been to the beach in such a long time – I always seem to visit a beach when the weather’s a lot colder though for some reason, so jeans and a t-shirt it is haha! Much prefer going to the beach when it’s not busy though, so that’s probably why. But I liked this post as it gave some great tips for what people can wear, thanks for sharing x

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