Hamilton Review

Hello! I hope everyone is doing okay! Today’s blog post is going to be my review of Hamilton. Hamilton has recently come on Disney+ and I have really wanted to watch it for a while! I decided to watch it because I’ve heard a lot of good things about it from some friends and I love musicals! Comment if you’ve seen it or if you want to see it!

(Disclaimer – I will not be mentioning any spoilers so it’s okay to read this review if you haven’t watched it yet).


The story is set in America in the late 1700s. It is about Alexander Hamilton who tries to get his way out of poverty and his fight for American independence.


The characters are amazing. I have to say my favourite character is Eliza because she has an amazing voice and she is a powerful woman. A close second is the king because he is so funny.


The singing is incredible. I love the mixture between rapping and singing. The musical is mostly singing and this makes it really cool. I had only heard one song before watching this and I will definitely be listening to the soundtrack often. My favourite songs are Helpless and The Schuyler Sisters.


I like the choreography because it’s mostly quite simple but they’re is some really good complex routines. I loved the group numbers the most as they were incredible.


I really liked this musical and the storyline was very interesting! I have to admit I got a bit confused a few times but they explained it later on which was good. It is quite dramatic and I would probably rate it a 8.5/10 as I enjoyed watching it! I recommend you watch it and I really want to go see it on the west end/broadway!

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73 thoughts on “Hamilton Review

  1. Great review. The mix of singing and rap intrigued me. I’ve read a lot about Hamilton over the years, but not seen it. I usually have to be dragged kicking and screaming to watch musicals, but always seem to enjoy myself on the quiet. I’m going to have to give this a watch!

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  2. I haven’t watched Hamilton on Disney+ yet, but I listened to Hamilton on Spotify thrice over and I love Jonathan Groff too! I can see why they cast him in Frozen, he is so good!

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  3. I was so torn on whether or not to watch Hamilton, because I really wanted my first time experiencing it to be a live performance. However with the coronavirus, Lord knows that wouldn’t be happening anytime soon, so I decided to watch it on Disney+. Holy smokes am I glad I did! It was amazing! I’ve been singing the songs all week. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it!

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  4. Hamilton’s a great musical, right? 🥰 I get what you mean about Eliza, I love her- Helpless is one of my favourite songs too! Although my all-time fave is You’ll Be Back because it’s just so hilarious 😂

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  5. Great review! I’ve heard so much about Hamilton over the last few years from friends who absolutely love it. Hopefully will be able to go down and see if once theatres reopen!

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  6. I’ve seen Hamilton on stage twice now and loved it both times. I’m really looking forward to watching it on Disney+ soon!

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  7. I absolutely LOVE Hamilton! I fell in love with the soundtrack when it first came out and was lucky enough to win a ticket lottery to see it live! It was such an incredible experience. I couldn’t believe they were putting it on Disney+ and I’ve been watching it SO much! The songs stay in my head for days

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  8. I’ve seen so much hype over Hamilton and I’m ashamed to say as a musical theatre lover and performer I just haven’t seen it yet! Thank you for sharing your review and thoughts – I need to see it soon!

    Paige // Paige Eades

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  9. I’ve literally read and heard so so so much about Hamilton! I’ve never watched it though! I loved your review and I just might start watching it soon! Thanks for the rec!

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  10. I’ve never seen Hamilton but I’ve heard loads of people rave about it! It’s quite nice to read such a succinct overview covering all the key points like characters, choreography etc – I will have to give it a go!

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  11. My cousin saw Hamilton before lockdown and loved it. I love the soundtrack even though I haven’t seen the play but I think it would be an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing your review!

    Love, Em x

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  12. I’m always hearing people raving about this but I still haven’t watched it. I might have a bit of a movie night soon and finally get around to watching it x

    Roni | myelevatedexistence.com

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  13. I loved watching Hamilton and was fortunate to be able to watch it in the West End. Each time that I tried to book tickets to re-watch it,they were always sold out for months. The songs are so catchy and so you definitely want to be in the ‘room where it happens!’. I would love to watch the Disney+ version to see the original cast, though!

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