The Stages Of Productivity

Hello! I hope everyone is okay. Today’s blog post is all about the stages of productivity and how you can be productive. A lot of people were wondering on my A Day In The Life Of A Blogger post how I manage to do so much in a day so I’m going to be sharing the stages I use. Doing these things has really helped me to become more productive and I hope this helps you to become more productive.

Make a to do list

At the start of the day or at the end of the day before, write out a to do list of what you need to do throughout the day. You can either do it in a notebook or on your phone. A thing that has also helped me is to mark the points that are higher priority than the others so I know what I definitely need to do.

Set reminders

This is quite similar to the last point but use reminders when you have to do something at a specific time of day or something you usually forget to do. I do this on my phone and you can also use post-it notes. A good thing about doing it on your phone is that you can set it to repeat so if you need to do something daily or weekly, it will remind you every time you need to do it.

Take breaks

You don’t have to be productive all day. Set times when you want to do the things you need to do and schedule breaks where you can relax and do something you enjoy doing. If you prefer to get stuff done early in the day, take small breaks and if you prefer to spread your tasks out, take longer breaks.

Think about the end goal

No matter how big or small the end goal is, you always think about your end goal while you are doing something because it motivates you to finish it. If it is a big goal, you should make smaller goals to build up to the end goal.

Treat yourself

After you have reached your goal, treat yourself. This could be by eating your favorite food or watching your favorite movie. By doing this, it makes you more likely to be motivated for your next goal.

Set new goals

After you have completed your goal, set new ones. You don’t have to do this straight away or make big goals but this helps you to get to where you want to be.

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107 thoughts on “The Stages Of Productivity

  1. Such a useful post. I have so many to do lists and find them really helpful. Once I’ve ticked off a certain number of tasks I then let myself take a break!

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  2. These are really useful tips. I love making notes and writing lists and find that always helps me be productive. It’s true that thinking of the end goal can really help productivity too. Thanks for sharing this advice 🙂

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  3. This is a great post. I totally agree that it’s so important to take breaks. I used to try and go for hours without a break because I thought I would be more productive this way. Oh how wrong I was!! I ended up burning myself out and unable to get ANY work done

    Roni |

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  4. I love a to do list and ticking things off it is even sweeter! I have a weekly planner where I make a list of things I plan to do each day what post I am uploading to IG etc and then tick it off. But if I dont manage something I dont beat myself up because sometimes life gets in the way x

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  5. Some great tips here and a few that I do myself to make sure I stay productive. Writing lists is the most important for me and I try to write one the night before with the things I need to do for the next day.

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  6. Thank you for the post! I struggle with procrastination soooo much but I feel like I’ve gotten some good tips from this read 🙂 For one thing, I’ll definitely start setting reminders!

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  7. I try and expect too much of myself and then it backfires. I love the idea of thinking about the end goal as a way of checking in with what you are working towards. Great post.


  8. These are really informative lists! I’m bullet journal lover and also use google calendar and trello for all my tasks. Can’t agree more with taking a break. It is a must! 🙂

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  9. Lovely post! I swear, there are days where I just feel absolutely 0 productivity in me and I hate it! Obviously it’s ok to have a day here or there where you don’t really do much, but I try to incorporate at least one productive thing in my routine everyday no matter how small. Sometimes it’s tough to find the motivation, but these reminders were very helpful. Thank you for sharing 💗

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  10. Great post… creating and following a to-do list is something I am still struggling with but I will definitely work on having a to do list to help me manage my time

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  11. I like the points you make here!! In particular , I like when you talked about thinking about the end goal. Sometimes picturing how happy you will be when you achieve a goal will help you power through the tough times and motivate you to be more productive! I look forward to reading more of your blog posts 🙂

    Feel free to read some of my blogs:)

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  12. I’m a student, and I start creating to-do lists during high-stress periods such as examinations or submissions week. Otherwise, I usually would go with the flow, and my mind is somehow able to prioritize accordingly. Another thing I really like to do is to multitask when I am supposed to relax. For instance, I would have my meals while watching Netflix, or listen to podcasts while doing mindless activities. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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