My Top 5 TV Shows

Hello! I hope everyone is ok! Today’s blog post is about my favorite TV shows. This was requested on my Top 5 Netflix Movies blog post (please go read it if you haven’t already) and I really liked that blog post so this is like a part 2 of that! I hope you find a new recommendation by reading this! Comment your favorite TV show!


This is my all time favorite TV show because it’s so funny! I can watch it multiple times and never get bored of it because I love it so much. The characters are amazing and the storyline is incredible. There are 10 seasons and I think I have watched every episode at least 3 times. My favorite character is either Joey or Rachel!


This show is amazing because I love musicals and this is kind of like a musical but it’s a series! I mentioned this on my April Favorites post and I have now finished all 6 seasons! The songs and singing are incredible. I love how different all of the characters are and my favorite character is either Britney or Blaine!

The Morning Show

This series is incredible! I watched it quite a while ago but I love it so much! It is so dramatic and the ending is amazing! It is on Apple TV+ and there is currently one season. It has one of my favorite actresses in (Jennifer Aniston) and two others that I really like!

The Good Place

This is a different show from what I would usually watch but I really liked this! I started watching this because I really like the actress Kristen Bell and I’m very glad I watched it. The storyline is amazing and it is so interesting to watch! There are 4 seasons for this show! The characters are really good and my favorite is Eleanor.


This is an incredible show! If you’ve read my May Favorites post, you would know that I rewatched the first two seasons and started watching the new season. I finished the new season a few weeks ago and I loved it as much as the other 2 seasons. It is so dramatic and exciting! My favorite character is Liam!

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84 thoughts on “My Top 5 TV Shows

  1. Okay this is encouraging me to finish up some of the shows I’ve started! I’ve started both Glee and The Good Place but haven’t finished either. I def wanna check out the morning show. There’s just so much good tv!

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  2. I love Friends – I must have seen each episode at least 10 times over the years haha!! I’m about three episodes into Dynasty but I’m loving it so far x

    Roni |

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  3. Friends, I am EXACTLY the same. My boyfriend only now realises why I can watch it over and over it’s genuinely my comfort program. Can watch it in any mood and it will always make me happy it’s crazy I feel closer to them than my own family 😂. My boyfriend is now a big fan as well haha! I watched all of the good place too, I had some ups and downs, it took me some time to get through it but all in all I’ve got to say, getting to see the good place is what I’d waited for haha xx

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  4. I’ve been thinking a lot about Glee the last few days, given the sad news. I forgot just how much I loved the show.

    I am working my way through friends and just started The good place last night. This is a great list x

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  5. I loved Glee as well. So heartbroken over Naya Rivera right now 😦
    I also love the Good Place. That is such a fun show!

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  6. I’ve only ever seen snippets of Glee and never been huge on Friends but this list is definitely making me feel it’s time for some binging. There’s some great recommendations here – thanks for sharing!

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  7. AHHH friends is one of my top TV shows too. Before Netflix I remember I got the entire box set for one of my birthdays and I can honestly say it was the best present ever. Never fails to make me feel happy. I think Joey’s probably my favourite character because he’s just so clueless, who’s yours? Thanks for sharing and giving me some new tv show ideas!

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  8. I love Friends and Dynasty. Fallon is such a brilliant character and I love how determined and driven she is especially with the things she wants. Her relationship with Liam is really cute and I love the way she acts with her mother and step mothers. The drama is insane 😀

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