Summer Essentials

Hello! I hope everyone one is doing ok! It is officially summer so today’s post is all about summer essentials you need especially for the hot weather. I love warm weather and here in the UK, it’s either really hot or cold so I try to make the most of the warm, sunny days. Comment your summer essentials!


I love wearing sunglasses not only to block out the sun but as a fashion accessory. They go with any outfit and look amazing! I have four pairs of sunglasses and three of them are from primark!

Sun cream/SPF

This is a must for summer. It’s always important to wear sun cream when it’s hot/sunny to protect your skin from UV rays. If you are wearing makeup, you should definitely wear SPF under your makeup. I use the Nivea Daily Essentials BB cream with SPF in under my makeup at night. I mentioned this in my June favorites so check that out if you want to find out more about this product!


Although it’s not always hot enough for a fan here, having a fan is good for the really hot days. I have two fans which I sometimes use. I have a hand fan which I got on holiday which is basic but really good for when I’m going somewhere. I also have an electric fan which is really good for when I’m in the house and the house is really hot!

Ice cube tray

I definitely recommend getting an ice cube tray to make ice cubes. I always put ice cubes in my drink when it’s hot to cool it down. It saves money and it is more sustainable. You can get some good trays from amazon.


A speaker is perfect for just listening to summer music in the garden or having a garden party. I have a bose speaker which is amazing because the battery lasts a long time and it can be really loud or pretty quiet.

Tumbler Cups and Reusable straws

I love tumbler cups because they are so pretty and they keep my drink cool. I also use reusable straws because they are better for the environment and you don’t have to keep buying straws. I got my straws from home bargains and I love the colours of them!

Citronella Candles

Citronella candles are really good at keeping bugs away from you especially while you are eating. I have a lot of these and you get them from garden centres, wilkos etc.

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91 thoughts on “Summer Essentials

  1. Some great suggestions here! I’ve been searching for ages for a nice pair of sunglasses though but can’t seem to find any that suit me- nightmare!

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  2. Sunglasses are a must for me in summer! Partly as they help keep my hair off my face, but they also just complete any outfit. And I’m glad to see that suncream is there (always needed when out and about). This has got some great suggestions on it though, thanks for sharing!

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  3. I LOVE Primark sunnies! They’re so cheap so it’s perfect if you can’t decide on a style as you can get multiple pairs! I normally wear prescription glasses and being able to buy off the peg sunglasses has to be one of my favourite things about wearing contact lenses! x

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  4. These are great summer essentials! I love wearing sunglasses but it’s hard to find a pair that suits me! I hadn’t thought about ice cube trays as a more sustainable way of cooling down drinks, but it makes sense!

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  5. I love sunglasses! Just ordered myself a prescription pair. Have transitions lenses in my reg glasses but they don’t work in the car 😦

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  6. Yes! I totally agree with this list. I love sunglasses to accessorize. I wear them even if it’s Winter. I need to get some Citronella candles. Thanks for the reminder!

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  7. I am right there with you. I cannot go a day without sunglasses, sunscreen, or a cold drink in a tumbler. They all just feel like summer.

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  8. Ice cube tray! This is the first time I have seen anyone else list that on their summer essentials list. I suppose most people have built-in ice makers, but I LOVE my ice cube tray as well. 🙂

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  9. Citronella candles are an absolute must! I hate how I look in sunglasses so they’re just a practicality thing for me, I take them off as soon as possible. Such a shame because they can completely transform a look x


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  10. I can’t spend the summer without a fan and an ice cube tray. They’re definitely essentials! I got a tumbler cup for my birthday and it is getting best present for the summer.

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  11. Some great suggestions here, thanks for sharing! My must-have summer essential is a baseball cap haha. I can’t justify the cost of prescription sunglasses when the summer is such a short period of time so getting the glare out of my eyes as cheaply as possible is really important. 🙂

    Hayley |

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